Travertine Fireplaces

Centredart Fireplaces has produced an exclusive portfolio of travertine fireplaces incorporating travertine into the fireplace to provide a stunning contrast feature to either limestone or marble.


Travertine fireplaces are unique and stylish and will provide a real centre piece of inspiration to your living room.


Travertine is a natural material and is a warm colour and will compliment your living room decor.


We can design your travertine fireplace to incorporate contemporary features or if you prefer it can have more traditional elements.


Once our customers have decided on looking at travertine fireplaces they can choose from a range of travertine types and decide if they want their travertine fireplace to incorporate filled travertine or unfilled travertine as a contrast to marble or limestone.


When considering Travertine fireplaces there is a lot to think about and one of our design team will be more than happy to help provide you with a step by step guide to designing your bespoke travertine fireplace.


It is worth contacting us to sit down with one of our bespoke fireplace designers to give you ideas about the many different travertine fireplaces or combination of limestone and travertine fireplaces available.


Please call or email to discuss our travertine fireplaces design service.

whisperroom Tavira fireplace 03 02 flintstone

__________ C E N T R E D  '  A R T __________



V i e w   T h e   F u l l   C o l l e c t i o n


B r o w s e   O u r   F i r e p l a c e    C o l l e c t i o n

G A S   F I R E S

T a k e   a   L o o k   a t   O u r   R a n g e   O f   G a s   F i r e s

W O O D   B U R N I N G   F I R E S

S t u d y   T h e   V a r i o u s   S t y l e s   A v a i l a b l e

A w a r d   W i n n i n g   D e s i g n e r   a  n d   M a n u f a c t u r e r